Made in Occupied Japan: Stamped in Time

At Mosquito Emporium, we don’t normally carry china or porcelain figurines and statues.  We do, however, enjoy finding items stamped with “Made in Occupied Japan” because its a snapshot of a time and place.

Some background

Following Japan’s defeat in the Second World War, the allies occupied Japan.   The USA took the lead in this operation.  Unlike Germany, the USSR was mostly kept out of post-war Japan.  The USSR received some islands and influence over North Korea.

The occupation lasted basically from 1945 through 1952, with some exceptions.

Where pottery and porcelain come in 

The USA focused on rebuilding Japan as a capitalist democracy.  In doing so, they focused on rebuilding their industries.  One of the earliest industries to be back up and running following the war was pottery/porcelain manufacturing.

One of the restrictions the USA placed on these Japanese exports was 50% had to be labeled “Made in Occupied Japan.”

Today’s antiques market

Today there is a market of collectors who focus on “Occupied Japan” or “OJ” items.  The pieces are snapshots of the post-war world.  Something tangible that reminds us of the horror of war and the rebuilding of relationships and societies following.

Stop by Mosquito Emporium and check out our vintage OJ items.


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